Ideas & Controversy (1000 – 2000  words)

Ideas & Controversy focuses on the exploration of news, matters, and concepts relevant to art or artists.

Essays and articles are authoritative but straightforward, making the content reachable to a wide range of readers. The ideal essay is thesis-oriented and engages both the intellect of the general reader as well as the specialist without being too narrowly focused and/or overly burdened with footnotes.

Art Review (500 – 1000  words)

Submissions to Art Review  are expected to be intellectually precise while avoiding the stiffness of academic writing. We seek writing that combines intellectual rigor with accessible exploration of meaningful ideas.  The Art Review informs in such a way that the reader can experience the art vicariously through the description and conveys the reviewer’s contemplation and identifiable opinion.

Art Diary (1000 – 1500  words)

The ‘Diaries’ column features self-reflexive essays on creative processes. The aim is to reveal to its reader the elusive specifics of an idea’s formation, and transformation, over time. Content can include observations on: personal creative process, craft and material methodology, research technique, retrospective reflection, sources of influence, conversations, encounters, connections, correlations, and more.  The idea is to draft iteratively on the same curiosity throughout the quarter (3-4 instances of notes, or “entries”, across 3 months’ time) to develop a single piece for publication.  The piece for publication can be an amalgamation of, or an isolated excerpt from these drafts. The priority, in terms of form, is to capture the iterative nature of a developing thought and/or memory.

Featured Artist (800+ words)

Moholy seeks aesthetically pleasing and well-executed artwork submissions for presentation in our Featured Artist section. . We believe a work of art is successful if it can invoke a complicated emotional reaction and/or express relevant ideas in new or interesting ways.

All Featured Artist submissions should be a part of a series of works that have a common theme, philosophy, concept, topic, or subject matter. The series must be accompanied by an 800-1500 word reflective essay.

Currently, we are seeking works that deal with secrets, subculture, or seclusion.

Photography submissions

We consider thematic photo-essays and well as fine art, documentary, and journalistic photography.  Submissions should include 10-30 images and  be unified, cohesive, and coherent.

Video submissions

We consider animation, stop motion, and conceptual video 30 minutes in length or shorter.  Submissions should include 1-5 video links.

Multimedia submissions

We consider videos photographically documenting conceptual performance and installation art or video installations.

Please read the Featured Artist Agreement 

Interviews (1000+ words)

Moholy is seeking interviews that take a retrospective approach to an artist’s works. We want question-and-answer-style interviews and do not accept artist profiles. The finished product should be engaging to both an audience familiar or unfamiliar with the interviewee’s work. Before you conduct an interview, send us a query with details about about the interviewee and the material you plan to cover.

In-person interviews are best. We expect the introductions to be creative and engaging and to include a description of the interviewee and the location of the interview. In addition, include biographical information such as age, place of residence, academic degrees, and publications.

Interviews require a photograph of the interviewee as well as 8-10 photographs of their work space and art work. Include complete contact information (including an e-mail address).

We favor interviews that have been revised heavily in the interest of accuracy, concision, and style. Interviews should represent the artist in a reasonably personable manner, so interviews do not need to strictly adhere to the actual spoken event. We find it important that the artists have the opportunity to revise his or her comments, and we encourage the interviewers and their subjects to revise interview transcripts for the sake of clarity and crispness.

Currently, we are seeking works that especially deal with secrets, subculture, or seclusion


John McCoy Seclusion # 5  New York 2005

Please email any questions or pitch ideas to submissions[at]moholyground.org

Moholy Article Pitch Template

Use this template to focus articles and stories,
    please keep in mind the restrictions for each section
  • opening paragraph
  • Why is this important? One Paragraph or less about the story