Love of Sun, inspired by a Chinese rock song by the same name, invites artists to produce works which critically examine cultural, political, economic, and aesthetic influences between contemporary California and China. This project asks Chinese artists to express their vision of California, and California artists to express their vision of China, in any of the following mediums: photo, video, web-based media, other digital media.

Background Today, potential for cross-pollination between artists working in urban China and California deserves deep investigation. Economic and political relations between China and the US are at a historic high — California is the locus of this cultural exchange. Meanwhile, digital communications allow for new forms of intercultural investigation. Opportunities to articulate and refine tangible transnational influences arrive with online access to otherwise localized aesthetics, business, and ideology.

Artists hold a special capacity to uncover unique features of large systems and situations, and are especially suited to defining and representing current intercultural influences between China and California.

Project goals Juxtapose, complement, and complicate the visions of both California and China, for artists and patrons in both countries; inspire an international community to intercultural discourse; expose local artists to international audiences through online and gallery representation