Moholy presents essays, reviews, and columns by artists and curators and features bodies of work by multimedia artists, photographers, and visual documentarians. Distinctively, the works they present are always accompanied by the artist’s voice, either through their own original writing or through an interview.

Regardless of whether the object d’art is a film, a series of photographs , or a multimedia installation, MOH seeks to captivate its audience with thoughtful analysis, depth, and reflectiveness in its essays.

Executive Director
John McCoy

Production Coordinator:
Lee Henderson

Editors at Large:
Rachael Kennedy
Jeff Bostic
Josie Ramanadata

Copy Editor:
Amy Altmiller

Diaries Editor:
Emily Auble

Reviews & Profiles Editor
Ed Grosoton

Ideas and Controversies
Byran Ferrara

Contributing Editors
David Sortie
Roula Seikaly
Zoe Tuck

Claire Rabkin
Doug Cummings
Stéphane Nguyen


Frank Chu


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Sunny Augulo on Moholy Ground Magazine:

The Moholy Ground Project, Inc. (MGP)

The Moholy Ground Project Incorporated is a non-profit organization that serves as an umbrella for a wide range of artistic and cultural activities that make use of a diverse array of media.

Current projects include the development and maintenance of  active websites with curatorial  projects and specially commissioned texts; the publication of Moholy Ground Magazine, a journal of photography; and Lurker Magazine, a journal of short stories, essays and illustration.