Ideas & Controversy

  • Grown Up Queer and Online: Mark Aguhar_2013_tumblr_

    On Tumblr, queer selfies and fans work together to refine a visual lexicon that “queers” the normative. In other words, queer selfie should be understood as …


  • Poetic Contradiction:
 Interview with Margo Moritz Margo Moritz: Poetic Contradiction - Exquisite Abandon Series

    San Francisco photographer Margo Moritz has shot live and studio-based dance for various companies including Hope Mohr and ODC. In this exclusive interview with MOH, Ms. Moritz describes the evolution of her distinctive synthesis of dance and photography….

  • Humanizing Process: Interview with Ed Drew Ed Drew: Combat Tintype Series - Courtesy of the Robert Koch Gallery

    Ed Drew is a sculptor, photographer, and serves in California Air National Guard. He recently returned from a military combat deployment to the Helmand Province in Afghanistan ….

  • Free-diving : Interview with Kanoa Zimmerman Kanoa Zimmerman: Free dive - Series

    From the breathtaking black and white images of solitary, bold spear fishers and turbulent breaking waves that are common to Kanoa Zimmerman’s photography, I’m surprised to find the artist slightly shy to talk about his work.

  • AMERICAN FALLS: An interview with Phil Solomon Phil Solomon : American Falls, 2000-2012.

    Phil Solomon’s rare contribution to experimental film spans collaborations with Stan Brakhage all the way to machinima. Doug Cummings recently caught up with the influential filmmaker to discuss American Falls his acclaimed 2010 three channel video and other works.


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